Optical mouse

(computing) a type of computer mouse that uses light-emitting and -sensing devices to detect where it is

Any kind of mouse that uses visible light or infrared to detect changes in its position.

Read Also:

  • Optical-path

    noun 1. the path of light through a medium, having a magnitude equal to the geometric distance through the system times the index of refraction of the medium.

  • Optical-printer

    noun 1. a film printer used in making optical effects, consisting basically of a camera that photographs the image with special lenses to enlarge, reduce, distort, etc., and a projector that transfers the image to the print stock, as distinguished from a contact printer.

  • Optical-pumping

    noun, Physics, Optics. 1. a method for increasing the number of atoms or molecules occupying higher energy levels by irradiating them with light of the proper frequencies to raise them to those levels.

  • Optical pyrometer

    noun 1. See pyrometer

  • Optical resonator

    optical resonator A part of a laser, consisting of two mirrors, one highly reflective and one partly reflective, placed on either side of a laser pump. Amplified light bounces back and forth between the mirrors, enhancing stimulated emission within the pump, eventually being emitted through the partly reflective mirror. See more at laser.

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