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noun, Physical Chemistry.
the angle at which the plane of polarized light is rotated when passed through an optically active substance.
the angle through which plane-polarized light is rotated in its passage through a substance exhibiting optical activity

optical rotation n.
The change or rotation in the plane of polarization that occurs when polarized light is passed through an optically active substance.


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  • Optical-scanning

    noun 1. the process of interpreting data in printed, handwritten, bar-code, or other visual form by a device (optical scanner or reader) that scans and identifies the data.

  • Optical-sound

    noun, Movies. 1. sound recorded on and subsequently played back from an optical or photographic soundtrack, as opposed to a magnetic soundtrack. noun 1. sound recorded in the form of a photographic image on cinematograph films

  • Optical-soundtrack

    noun 1. the final soundtrack on a motion picture, which appears as a band of black and white serrations along a strip of film to the left of the composite print. Light is shined through the serrations and is converted to audible sound.

  • Optical time domain reflectometer

    hardware A device used to perform Optical Time Domain Reflectometry. (1995-02-01)

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