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an person.
a person who holds the belief or the doctrine of .
Contemporary Examples

Count Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner firmly in the optimist camp.
April 25: 7 Best Moments From Sunday Talk The Daily Beast Video April 24, 2010

Ever the optimist, Crystal believes that languages need not meet the fate of the dodo bird.
4 Smart Summer Reads Alexander Nazaryan August 6, 2010

Pessimist: I thought you said you were an optimist – not a fantasist.
Post-Convention Hangover: America Isn’t Working David Frum September 6, 2012

But I am an optimist, and I think this film is very optimistic.
Christopher Nolan Uncut: On ‘Interstellar,’ Ben Affleck’s Batman, and the Future of Mankind Marlow Stern November 9, 2014

Seven percent identified themselves as pessimists and 81 percent placed themselves in the optimist camp.
Why Are You So Damn Happy? Megan Hustad October 14, 2009

Historical Examples

He is called an optimist; but the word suggests a calculated contentment which was not in the least one of his vices.
The Victorian Age in Literature G. K. Chesterton

Once a letter spoke of the desirability of being an optimist.
Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete Albert Bigelow Paine

Cursing himself for an optimist, he raised two more of the missiles from the magazine.
This World Must Die! Horace Brown Fyfe

The optimist of Candide was a Mallock in mourning compared to this.
Memoirs Charles Godfrey Leland

An optimist in nothing, least of all was Royston Keene grateful or indulgent to the beauties and bounties of inanimate creation.
Sword and Gown George A. Lawrence


1759, from French optimiste (1752); see optimism + -ist.


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