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optokinetic op·to·ki·net·ic (ŏp’tō-kə-nět’ĭk, -kī-)
Relating to the occurrence of twitchings or movements of the eye when moving objects are viewed.


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  • Optoelectronics

    [op-toh-i-lek-tron-iks, -ee-lek-] /ˌɒp toʊ ɪ lɛkˈtrɒn ɪks, -ˌi lɛk-/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. the branch of dealing with devices that generate, transform, transmit, or sense optical, infrared, or ultraviolet radiation, as cathode-ray tubes, electroluminescent and liquid crystal displays, lasers, and solar cells. /ˌɒptəʊɪlɛkˈtrɒnɪks/ noun 1. (functioning as sing) the study or use […]

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    [op-tom-i-ter] /ɒpˈtɒm ɪ tər/ noun 1. any of various instruments for measuring the refractive error of an eye. /ɒpˈtɒmɪtə/ noun 1. any of various instruments for measuring the refractive power of the eye optometer op·tom·e·ter (ŏp-tŏm’ĭ-tər) n. An instrument for determining the refraction of the eye.

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    [op-tom-i-trist] /ɒpˈtɒm ɪ trɪst/ noun 1. a licensed professional who practices . /ɒpˈtɒmɪtrɪst/ noun 1. a person who is qualified to examine the eyes and prescribe and supply spectacles and contact lenses Also called (esp Brit) ophthalmic optician Compare optician, ophthalmologist n. 1903; see optometry + -ist.

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