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Oracle 7

Version 7 of the Oracle relational database system software.


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    plural noun 1. a group of inscribed animal bones and shells discovered in China and used originally in divination by the ancient Chinese, especially during the Shang dynasty. noun a number of incised animal bones (usu. shoulder blades) and turtle shells discovered in China that were used for divination during the Shang dynasty period (c […]

  • Oracle card

    tool A Hypercard-like product from Oracle for constructing database applications. It runs on IBM PC and Macintosh. (1995-03-15)

  • Oracle co-operative applications

    tool, product Packaged client/server software from Oracle for accounting, manufacturing, distribution, human resources and project control.

  • Oracle corporation

    company The world’s leading supplier of information management software. The company, worth $2 billion, offers its products, along with related consulting, education and support services in more than 90 countries around the world. Oracle is best known for its database management systems vendor and relational DBMS products. Oracle develops and markets Oracle Media Server and […]

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