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[awr-uh-see, ohr-] /ˈɔr ə si, ˈoʊr-/

the ability to express oneself in and understand spoken language.
the capacity to express oneself in and understand speech


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  • Oradea

    [aw-rah-dyah] /ɔˈrɑ dyɑ/ noun 1. a city in NW Romania. /Romanian oˈradea/ noun 1. an industrial city in NW Romania, in Transylvania: ceded by Hungary (1919). Pop: 182 000 (2005 est) German name Grosswardein Hungarian name Nagyvárad

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    [awr-uh, ohr-uh] /ˈɔr ə, ˈoʊr ə/ noun 1. plural of 2 . [awr-uh, ohr-uh] /ˈɔr ə, ˈoʊr ə/ noun, plural oras, orae [awr-ee, ohr-ee] /ˈɔr i, ˈoʊr i/ (Show IPA) 1. a money of account of Anglo-Saxon England, introduced by the Danes and equal to about two shillings. /ˈɔːrə/ noun 1. the plural of os2 […]

  • Oral culture

    noun a community where communication is solely by spoken word; a culture cultivated and transmitted only through spoken word

  • Orale

    [aw-rey-lee, oh-rey-] /ɔˈreɪ li, oʊˈreɪ-/ noun, Ecclesiastical. 1. (def 2).

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