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the state or practice of keeping the mouth cavity in a healthy condition, as by a regular program of brushing and flossing the teeth combined with periodic examinations by a dentist.
another name for dental hygiene

oral hygiene n.
See dental hygiene.


Read Also:

  • Oral hygienist

    noun 1. another name for dental hygienist

  • Oral-interpretation

    noun 1. the study and practice of vocally expressing the meaning of written compositions, especially of literature.

  • Oralism

    [awr-uh-liz-uh m, ohr-] /ˈɔr əˌlɪz əm, ˈoʊr-/ noun 1. the theory, practice, or advocacy of education for the deaf chiefly or exclusively through lipreading, training in speech production, and training of residual hearing.

  • Oralist

    [awr-uh-list, ohr-] /ˈɔr ə lɪst, ˈoʊr-/ noun 1. an advocate of oralism. 2. a deaf person who communicates through lipreading and speech. adjective 3. of or relating to oralism.

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