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orbiculare or·bic·u·lar·e (ôr-bĭk’yə-lâr’ē)
See lenticular process of incus.


Read Also:

  • Orbicular muscle of eye

    orbicular muscle of eye n. A muscle consisting of three parts: the orbital or external part, the palpebral or internal part, and the lacrimal part. The nerve supply of all three parts is from the facial nerve; the action of all three parts closes the eye and wrinkles the forehead vertically.

  • Orbicular muscle of mouth

    orbicular muscle of mouth n. A muscle with origin from the septum of the nose, by the superior incisive bundle from the incisor fossa of the maxilla, and the lower jaw on each side of the symphysis; the fibers surround the mouth between the skin and the mucous membrane of lips and cheeks and are […]

  • Orbicular zone

    orbicular zone n. The fibers of the articular capsule of the hip joint encircling the neck of the femur. Also called zonular band.

  • Orbiculate

    [awr-bik-yuh-lit, -leyt] /ɔrˈbɪk yə lɪt, -ˌleɪt/ adjective 1. orbicular; rounded.

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