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[awr-cherd] /ˈɔr tʃərd/

an area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit or nut trees.
a group or collection of such trees.
an area of land devoted to the cultivation of fruit trees
a collection of fruit trees especially cultivated

late Old English orceard “fruit garden,” earlier ortgeard, perhaps reduced from wortgeard, from wort “vegetable, plant root” + geard “garden, yard” (the word also meant “vegetable garden” until 15c.); see yard (n.1). First element influenced in Middle English by Latin hortus (in Late Latin ortus) “garden,” which also is from the root of yard (n.1).

Related Terms

bone-orchard, marble orchard


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  • Orchard bush

    noun 1. (W African) open savanna country with occasional trees and scrub, as found north of the W African forest belt

  • Orchard-grass

    noun 1. a weedy grass, Dactylis glomerata, often grown for pastures.

  • Orchardist

    [awr-cher-dist] /ˈɔr tʃər dɪst/ noun 1. a person who owns, manages, or cultivates an .

  • Orchardman

    /ˈɔːtʃədmən/ noun (pl) -men 1. a person who grows and sells orchard fruits

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