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[awr, ohr] /ɔr, oʊr/

a metal-bearing mineral or rock, or a native metal, that can be mined at a profit.
a mineral or natural product serving as a source of some nonmetallic substance, as sulfur.
[œ-ruh] /ˈœ rə/
noun, plural öre.
a bronze coin of Norway, the 100th part of a krone.
a zinc or bronze coin of Denmark, the 100th part of a krone.
a bronze coin of Sweden, the 100th part of a krona.
a fractional currency of the Faeroe Islands, the 100th part of a krona.
any naturally occurring mineral or aggregate of minerals from which economically important constituents, esp metals, can be extracted
noun (pl) öre
a Scandinavian monetary unit worth one hundredth of a Swedish krona and (øre) one hundredth of a Danish and Norwegian krone

12c., merger of Old English ora “ore, unworked metal” (related to ear “earth,” cognate with Low German ur “iron-containing ore,” Dutch oer, Old Norse aurr “gravel”); and Old English ar “brass, copper, bronze,” from Proto-Germanic *ajiz- (cf. Old Norse eir “brass, copper,” German ehern “brazen,” Gothic aiz “bronze”), from PIE *aus- “gold” (see aureate). The two words were not fully assimilated till 17c.; what emerged has the form of ar but the meaning of ora.
A naturally occurring mineral or rock from which a valuable or useful substance, especially a metal, can be extracted at a reasonable cost.

In geology, a mineral that contains a commercially useful material, such as gold or uranium.

Note: Ore deposits are generally mined, and the ore is processed to recover the material.



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