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a town in NW Oregon, on the Willamette River.


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  • Oregon-crab-apple

    noun 1. a shrub or small tree, Malus fusca, of the rose family, of the northwestern coast of North America, having hairy leaves, white flowers, and yellow or green oblong fruit.

  • Oregon-fir

    noun 1. . noun 1. other names for Douglas fir

  • Oregon-grape

    noun 1. an evergreen shrub, Mahonia aquifolium, of the barberry family, of the western coast of the U.S., having small blue berries and yellow flowers that are the state flower of Oregon. 2. the berry itself. noun 1. an evergreen berberidaceous shrub, Mahonia aquifolium, of NW North America, having yellow fragrant flowers and small blue […]

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    noun 1. . [big-leef] /ˈbɪgˌlif/ noun 1. a tree, Acer macrophyllum, of western North America, having large, deeply lobed and fragrant yellow flowers in drooping clusters.

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