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[awr-jee-as-tik] /ˌɔr dʒiˈæs tɪk/

of, relating to, or having the nature of an .
tending to arouse or excite unrestrained emotion:
orgiastic rhythms.
Sociology. (of an expressive crowd) reaching a peak of emotional intensity, often of an ecstatic nature and frequently expressed by uninhibited behavior.

1690s, from Greek orgiastikos “fit for orgies, exciting,” from orgiastes “one who celebrates orgies,” from orgiazein “to celebrate orgies,” from orgia (see orgy).


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  • Orgone-box

    [awr-gohn] /ˈɔr goʊn/ noun 1. a cabinetlike device constructed of layers of wood and other materials, as tin, claimed by its inventor, Wilhelm Reich, to restore orgone energy to persons sitting in it, thereby aiding in the cure of impotence, cancer, the common cold, etc.

  • Orgone-energy

    noun 1. (in Wilhelm Reich’s theory) a vital, primal, nonmaterial element believed to permeate the universe.

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    [awr-gyuh-luh s, ‐guh‐] /ˈɔr gyə ləs, ‐gə‐/ adjective 1. Archaic. haughty; proud. /ˈɔːɡjʊləs/ adjective 1. (archaic) proud

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    [awr-jee] /ˈɔr dʒi/ noun, plural orgies. 1. wild or drunken festivity or revelry, especially involving sex with multiple participants. 2. any actions or proceedings marked by unbridled indulgence of passions: an orgy of killing. 3. orgies, (in ancient Greece) esoteric religious rituals, especially in the worship of Demeter or Dionysus, characterized in later times by […]

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