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[awr-i-guh n, or-] /ˈɔr ɪ gən, ˈɒr-/

an aromatic herb, especially oregano.
another name for marjoram (sense 2)


Read Also:

  • Origanum

    /əˈrɪɡənəm/ noun 1. any plant of the herbaceous aromatic Mediterranean genus Origanum: family Lamiaceae See oregano, marjoram, dittany (sense 1)

  • Origanum oil

    origanum oil o·rig·a·num oil (ə-rĭg’ə-nəm) n. A volatile oil obtained from various species of plants of the genus Origanum, used as a rubefacient, as a constituent in veterinary liniments, and in microscopic techniques.

  • Organ-pipe cactus

    [awr-guh n-pahyp] /ˈɔr gənˌpaɪp/ noun 1. a treelike or columnar cactus, Lemaireocereus marginatus, of Mexico, having a central, erect spine surrounded by spreading spines in clusters of five to eight, and funnel-shaped, brownish-purple flowers.

  • Organ-pipe

    noun 1. one of the pipes of a pipe organ. 2. something resembling such a pipe.

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