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[uh-rij-uh-neyt] /əˈrɪdʒ əˌneɪt/

verb (used without object), originated, originating.
to take its or rise; begin; start; arise:
The practice originated during the Middle Ages.
(of a train, bus, or other public conveyance) to begin a scheduled run at a specified place:
This train originates at Philadelphia.
verb (used with object), originated, originating.
to give or rise to; initiate; invent:
to originate a better method.
to come or bring into being
(intransitive) (US & Canadian) (of a bus, train, etc) to begin its journey at a specified point

1818, agent noun in Latin form from originate.

1650s, probably a back-formation of origination. In earliest reference it meant “to trace the origin of;” meaning “to bring into existence” is from 1650s; intransitive sense of “to come into existence” is from 1775. Related: Originated; originating.

originate o·rig·i·nate (ə-rĭj’ə-nāt’)
v. o·rig·i·nat·ed, o·rig·i·nat·ing, o·rig·i·nates


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