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any cloud whose existence and form are largely controlled by the disturbed flow of air over and around mountains, as the banner cloud and crest cloud.


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  • Orographic-precipitation

    noun 1. precipitation caused by the lifting of moist air over a mountain barrier.

  • Oroide

    [awr-oh-ahyd, ohr-] /ˈɔr oʊˌaɪd, ˈoʊr-/ noun 1. an alloy containing copper, tin, etc., used to imitate gold. /ˈɔːrəʊˌaɪd/ noun 1. an alloy containing copper, tin, and other metals, used as imitation gold

  • Orography

    [aw-rog-ruh-fee, oh-rog-] /ɔˈrɒg rə fi, oʊˈrɒg-/ noun 1. the branch of physical geography dealing with mountains. /ɒˈrɒɡrəfɪ/ noun 1. the study or mapping of relief, esp of mountains

  • Orolingual

    orolingual o·ro·lin·gual (ôr’ō-lĭng’gwəl) adj. Relating to the mouth and tongue.

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