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Daniel, full surname Ortega Saavedra. born 1945, Nicaraguan politician and former resistance leader; president of Nicaragua (1985–90) and from 2007


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  • Ortega Saavedra

    [awr-te-gah sah-ah-ve-th rah] /ɔrˈtɛ gɑ ˌsɑ ɑˈvɛ ðrɑ/ noun 1. (José) Daniel [haw-se dah-nyel] /hɔˈsɛ dɑˈnyɛl/ (Show IPA), born 1945, Nicaraguan political leader: president 1985–90.

  • Ortega y Gasset

    [awr-tey-guh ee gah-set; Spanish awr-te-gah ee gahs-set] /ɔrˈteɪ gə i gɑˈsɛt; Spanish ɔrˈtɛ gɑ i gɑsˈsɛt/ noun 1. José [haw-se] /hɔˈsɛ/ (Show IPA), 1883–1955, Spanish philosopher, journalist, and critic. /Spanish ɔrˈteɣa i ɡaˈsɛt/ noun 1. José (xoˈse). 1883–1955, Spanish essayist and philosopher. His best-known work is The Revolt of the Masses (1930)

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    1. variant of before a vowel: orthicon. 1. . 1. . 2. . abbreviation 1. Orthodox (religion) 1. orthopedic 2. orthopedics

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    orthergasia or·ther·ga·si·a (ôr’thər-gā’zē-ə, -zhə) n. Normal intellectual and emotional adjustment.

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