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[awr-thuh-kuhz-uh n, awr-thuh-kuhz-] /ˌɔr θəˈkʌz ən, ˈɔr θəˌkʌz-/



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  • Orthocytosis

    orthocytosis or·tho·cy·to·sis (ôr’thō-sī-tō’sĭs) n. A condition in which all cellular elements in the blood are mature forms.

  • Ortho-dichlorobenzene

    [awr-thuh-dahy-klawr-uh-ben-zeen, -ben-zeen, -klohr-] /ˌɔr θə daɪˌklɔr əˈbɛn zin, -bɛnˈzin, -ˌkloʊr-/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor, C 6 H 4 Cl 2 , used as a solvent for a wide range of organic materials.

  • Orthodontal

    [awr-thuh-don-tiks] /ˌɔr θəˈdɒn tɪks/ noun, (used with a singular verb) 1. the branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and correction of irregular teeth, as by means of braces. /ˌɔːθəʊˈdɒntɪks/ noun 1. (functioning as sing) the branch of dentistry concerned with preventing or correcting irregularities of the teeth Also called dental orthopaedics n. 1909, from […]

  • Orthodontia

    [awr-thuh-don-shuh, -shee-uh] /ˌɔr θəˈdɒn ʃə, -ʃi ə/ noun, Dentistry. 1. . 2. treatment for the correction of irregularly aligned teeth, usually involving braces and sometimes oral surgery. n. 1849, from ortho- + Greek odon (genitive odontos) “tooth” (see tooth).

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