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Ortho-phosphoric acid

[awr-thoh-fos-fawr-ik, -for-, awr-] /ˈɔr θoʊ fɒsˈfɔr ɪk, -ˈfɒr-, ˌɔr-/

noun, Chemistry.
a colorless, crystalline solid, H 3 PO 4 , the tribasic acid of pentavalent phosphorus: used chiefly in fertilizers, as a source of phosphorus salts, and in soft drinks as an acidulant and flavoring agent.
a colourless soluble solid tribasic acid used in the manufacture of fertilizers and soaps. Formula: H3PO4 Also called phosphoric acid

orthophosphoric acid or·tho·phos·phor·ic acid (ôr’thō-fŏs-fôr’ĭk)
See phosphoric acid.


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