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orthodox belief or practice.
orthodox character.
Contemporary Examples

And that is key for a president-elect who promised to challenge German orthodoxy on austerity in Europe.
Francois Hollande: France’s Anti-Sarkozy President Tracy McNicoll May 6, 2012

If the Millennials challenge Reaganite orthodoxy, they will likely challenge Clintonian orthodoxy, too.
The Rise of the New New Left Peter Beinart September 11, 2013

But nobody seems to have told the President, who has excluded dissenters from the Rubinite orthodoxy from his inner circle.
What He Should Have Said Michael Lind February 24, 2009

President Bill Clinton reinforced that orthodoxy when he said that Harry Truman had made the right decision.
Go to Hiroshima James Carroll October 30, 2009

The orthodoxy used to be that nobody should pay more taxes, and that nobody wants to pay more taxes.
Who’s Winning the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Daniel Gross November 11, 2012

Historical Examples

orthodoxy had instilled a formal, but often spiritless faith.
Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark Jens Christian Aaberg

But, on the whole, comic courage shakes no hands with orthodoxy.
Another Sheaf John Galsworthy

His first point of departure from orthodoxy was on the inspiration and authority of the Bible.
History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology John F. Hurst

With him orthodoxy was only a means to an end, a more vigorous Christian life.
Hymns and Hymnwriters of Denmark Jens Christian Aaberg

But regarding Hindus, again, we note there is no doctrinal pale, no orthodoxy or heterodoxy.
New Ideas in India During the Nineteenth Century John Morrison

noun (pl) -doxies
orthodox belief or practice
the quality of being orthodox

1620s, from French orthodoxie and directly from Late Latin orthodoxia, from late Greek orthodoxia “right opinion,” noun of quality from orthodoxos (see orthodox).


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