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[awr-thog-uh-nl-ahyz] /ɔrˈθɒg ə nlˌaɪz/

verb (used with object), orthogonalized, orthogonalizing. Mathematics.
to make (vectors, functions, etc.) .


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  • Orthogonally

    [awr-thog-uh-nl] /ɔrˈθɒg ə nl/ adjective 1. Mathematics. 2. Crystallography. referable to a rectangular set of axes. /ɔːˈθɒɡənəl/ adjective 1. relating to, consisting of, or involving right angles; perpendicular 2. (maths) adj. 1570s, from French orthogonal, from orthogone, from Late Latin orthogonius, from Greek orthogonios “right-angled,” from ortho- “straight” (see ortho-) + gonia “angle,” related to […]

  • Orthogonal matrix

    noun 1. (maths) a matrix that is the inverse of its transpose so that any two rows or any two columns are orthogonal vectors Compare symmetric matrix

  • Orthogonal-trajectory

    noun, Mathematics. 1. the locus of a point whose path cuts each curve of a family of curves at right angles.

  • Orthograde

    orthograde or·tho·grade (ôr’thə-grād’) adj. Walking or standing erect.

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