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Os coccygis

os coccygis os coc·cy·gis (kŏk’sə-jĭs, kŏk-sī’jĭs)
The coccyx.


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  • Osco-Umbrian

    [os-koh-uhm-bree-uh n] /ˈɒs koʊˈʌm bri ən/ noun 1. a group of languages, usually classified as Italic, that contains Oscan and Umbrian. /ˌɒskəʊˈʌmbrɪən/ noun 1. a group of extinct languages of ancient Italy, including Oscan, Umbrian, and Sabellian, which were displaced by Latin adjective 2. relating to or belonging to this group of languages

  • Os coxae

    os coxae os cox·ae (kŏk’sē) n. The hipbone.

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    [os-kyuh-luh m] /ˈɒs kyə ləm/ noun, plural oscula [os-kyuh-luh] /ˈɒs kyə lə/ (Show IPA) 1. a small mouthlike aperture, as of a sponge. /ˈɒskjʊləm/ noun (pl) -la (-lə) 1. (zoology) a mouthlike aperture, esp the opening in a sponge out of which water passes osculum os·cu·lum (ŏs’kyə-ləm) n. pl. os·cu·la (-lə) A pore or minute […]

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    [os-kyuh-luh nt] /ˈɒs kyə lənt/ adjective 1. united by certain common characteristics. 2. adhering closely; embracing. /ˈɒskjʊlənt/ adjective 1. (biology) (of an organism or group of organisms) possessing some of the characteristics of two different taxonomic groups 2. (zoology) closely joined or adhering

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