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Office of the Secretary of Defense.
Order of St. Dominic (Dominican).
Order of Saint Dominic

Open Source Definition
operational system development


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  • O.S.D.

    1. Order of St. Dominic (Dominican).

  • Osdbu

    Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

  • Ose

    1. a suffix occurring in adjectives borrowed from Latin, meaning “full of,” “abounding in,” “given to,” “like”: frondose; globose; jocose; otiose; verbose. 1. a suffix used in chemical terminology to form the names of sugars and other carbohydrates (amylose; fructose; hexose; lactose), and of protein derivatives (proteose). suffix 1. possessing; resembling: verbose, grandiose suffix 1. […]

  • Osee

    [oh-zee, oh-see] /ˈoʊ zi, ˈoʊ si/ noun, Douay Bible. 1. .

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