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Gardemoen Airport (Oslo, Norway)


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  • OSlav

    1. Old Slavic.

  • Osler node

    Osler node Os·ler node (ŏs’lər, ŏz’-) n. A small, raised, and tender cutaneous lesion that is characteristic of subacute bacterial endocarditis, usually appearing in the pads of fingers or toes.

  • Osler-vaquez disease

    Osler-Vaquez disease n. See erythremia.

  • Oslo

    [oz-loh, os-; Norwegian oo s-loo] /ˈɒz loʊ, ˈɒs-; Norwegian ˈʊs lʊ/ noun 1. a seaport in and the capital of Norway, in the SE part, at the head of Oslo Fiord. [nawr-wey] /ˈnɔr weɪ/ noun 1. Norwegian Norge. a kingdom in N Europe, in the W part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. 124,555 sq. mi. (322,597 […]

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