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[oz-miks] /ˈɒz mɪks/

noun, (used with a singular verb)
the science dealing with the sense of smell.

osmics os·mics (ŏz’mĭks)
The science that deals with smells and the olfactory sense.


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  • Osmidrosis

    [oz-mi-droh-sis] /ˌɒz mɪˈdroʊ sɪs/ noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. . osmidrosis os·mi·dro·sis (ŏz’mĭ-drō’sĭs) n. See bromidrosis.

  • Osmiophilic

    osmiophilic os·mi·o·phil·ic (ŏz’mē-ə-fĭl’ĭk) adj. Readily stained with osmic acid.

  • Osmious

    [oz-mee-uh s] /ˈɒz mi əs/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. of or containing in its lower valences. /ˈɒzmɪəs/ adjective 1. another word for osmous

  • Osmiridium

    [oz-muh-rid-ee-uh m] /ˌɒz məˈrɪd i əm/ noun, Chemistry. 1. . /ˌɒzmɪˈrɪdɪəm/ noun 1. a very hard corrosion-resistant white or grey natural alloy of osmium and iridium in variable proportions, often containing smaller amounts of platinum, ruthenium, and rhodium: used esp in pen nibs Also iridosmine

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