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Osseous ampulla

osseous ampulla n.
A circumscribed dilation of one extremity of each of the three bony semicircular canals in the inner ear.


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  • Osseous hydatid cyst

    osseous hydatid cyst n. A hydatid cyst found in the long bones or the pelvic arch that grows in an uncontrolled fashion, breaking the bone and eventually spreading to new sites.

  • Osseous lacuna

    osseous lacuna n. A cavity in bony tissue occupied by an osteocyte.

  • Osseous labyrinth

    osseous labyrinth n. A series of cavities in the petrous portion of the temporal bone, consisting of the cochlea, the vestibule and the semicircular canals, and lodging the membranous labyrinth. Also called bony labyrinth.

  • Osset

    [os-it] /ˈɒs ɪt/ noun 1. a member of an Aryan people of Ossetia whose religion combines features of Islam and Christianity. /ˈɒsɪt/ noun 1. a member of an Iranian people living in S Russia and N Georgia, chiefly in Ossetia in the Caucasus

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