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[os-ee-an-ik, osh-ee-] /ˌɒs iˈæn ɪk, ˌɒʃ i-/

of, relating to, or characteristic of Ossian, the poetry attributed to him, or the rhythmic prose published by James Macpherson in 1762–63, purporting to be a translation from the Scots Gaelic.
grandiloquent; bombastic.
of, relating to, or reminiscent of Ossian, a legendary Irish hero and bard of the 3rd century a.d

1808, in reference to Oisin, name of a legendary Gaelic bard, literally “little fawn;” James Macpherson claimed to have collected and translated his works (1760-1763) under the name Ossian, and the poetic prose sparked a Celtic revival and fascination with the glamor of the lost world of the bards. The work turned out to be Macpherson’s forgery, and the style later was regarded as bombastic, but the resulting swerve in European literature was real.


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