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Osteoma medullare

osteoma medullare osteoma med·ul·lar·e (měd’ə-lâr’ē)
An osteoma containing spaces filled with various elements of bone marrow.


Read Also:

  • Osteoma spongiosum

    osteoma spongiosum osteoma spon·gi·o·sum (spŏn’jē-ō’səm, spŭn’-) n. A spongy osteoma primarily of cancellous bone tissue.

  • Osteomatoid

    osteomatoid os·te·o·ma·toid (ŏs’tē-ō’mə-toid’) n. An abnormal nodule or small overgrowth of bone, usually occurring bilaterally and symmetrically in juxtaepiphysial regions.

  • Osteomere

    osteomere os·te·o·mere (ŏs’tē-ə-mēr’) n. One of a series of similar bone segments, such as a vertebrae.

  • Osteometry

    [os-tee-om-i-tree] /ˌɒs tiˈɒm ɪ tri/ noun 1. the anthropometric measurement of bones.

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