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Osteopathia condensans

osteopathia condensans osteopathia con·den·sans (kən-děn’sānz’)
See osteopoikilosis.


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  • Osteopathia striata

    osteopathia striata osteopathia stri·a·ta (strī-ā’tə) pl.n. Linear striations, visible by radiographic examination, in the metaphyses of long or flat bones.

  • Osteopathic medicine

    osteopathic medicine n. See osteopathy.

  • Osteopathic physician

    osteopathic physician n. An osteopath.

  • Osteopathy

    [os-tee-op-uh-thee] /ˌɒs tiˈɒp ə θi/ noun 1. a therapeutic system originally based upon the premise that manipulation of the muscles and bones to promote structural integrity could restore or preserve health: current osteopathic physicians use the diagnostic and therapeutic techniques of conventional medicine as well as manipulative measures. /ˌɒstɪˈɒpəθɪ/ noun 1. a system of healing […]

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