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[aw-strin-jer] /ˈɔ strɪn dʒər/



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  • Otsu

    [oht-soo] /ˈoʊt su/ noun 1. a city in S Honshu, Japan, on Lake Biwa.

  • Ott

    abbreviation 1. over the top See top1 (sense 20b) Over the top. Excessive or uncalled for. (1995-01-31) 1. over the top 2. over the transom

  • Ottava

    [oh-tah-vuh; Italian awt-tah-vah] /oʊˈtɑ və; Italian ɔtˈtɑ vɑ/ adverb, Music. 1. (of notes in a score) at an octave higher than written (when placed above the staff) or lower than written (when placed below the staff). Abbreviation: 8va. /əʊˈtɑːvə/ noun 1. an interval of an octave See all’ottava

  • Ottava-rima

    [oh-tah-vuh ree-muh] /oʊˈtɑ və ˈri mə/ noun, plural ottava rimas. 1. an Italian stanza of eight lines, each of eleven syllables (or, in the English adaptation, of ten or eleven syllables), the first six lines rhyming alternately and the last two forming a couplet with a different rhyme: used in Keats’ Isabella and Byron’s Don […]

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