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Otho i

same as Otto I


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  • Othoniel

    [uh-thoh-nee-uh l] /əˈθoʊ ni əl/ noun, Douay Bible. 1. .

  • Oti

    Open Tool Interface

  • Otic

    [oh-tik, ot-ik] /ˈoʊ tɪk, ˈɒt ɪk/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. of or relating to the ear; auricular. 1. an adjective suffix of Greek origin, often corresponding to nouns ending in -osis, denoting a relationship to an action, process, state, or condition indicated by the preceding element: hypnotic; neurotic . See also . /ˈəʊtɪk; ˈɒtɪk/ adjective 1. […]

  • Otic capsule

    otic capsule n. The embryonic cartilage capsule that surrounds the inner ear mechanism and develops into bony tissue.

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