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[oh-shee-ohs, oh-tee-] /ˈoʊ ʃiˌoʊs, ˈoʊ ti-/

being at leisure; idle; indolent.
ineffective or futile.
superfluous or useless.
/ˈəʊtɪˌəʊs; -ˌəʊz/
serving no useful purpose: otiose language
(rare) indolent; lazy

1794, “unfruitful, futile,” from Latin otiosus “having leisure or ease,unoccupied, idle, not busy” (source of French oiseux, Spanish ocioso, Italian otioso), from otium “leisure, free time, freedom from business,” of unknown origin. Meaning “at leisure, idle” is recorded from 1850. Cf. Latin phrase otium cum dignitate “leisure with dignity.” Earlier adjective in English was otious- “at ease” (1610s), and Middle English had noun otiosity (late 15c.).


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