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out to lunch


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  • Oto

    [oh-toh] /ˈoʊ toʊ/ noun, plural Otos (especially collectively) Oto. 1. a member of a Siouan-speaking tribe of North American Indians who formerly inhabited the lower Missouri River basin and now live in Oklahoma. 1. a combining form meaning “ear,” used in the formation of compound words: otology. combining form 1. indicating the ear: otitis, otolith […]

  • Otoantritis

    otoantritis o·to·an·tri·tis (ō’tō-ān-trī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the mastoid antrum.

  • Otobius

    Otobius O·to·bi·us (ō-tō’bē-əs) n. A genus of argasid ticks common in the southwest United States and Mexico whose nymphs may attack human ears.

  • Otocephaly

    otocephaly o·to·ceph·a·ly (ō’tō-sěf’ə-lē) n. A congenital malformation of the head characterized by a markedly diminished or absent lower jaw and the joining or close approach of the ears on the front of the neck below the face.

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