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[ouch] /aʊtʃ/ Archaic.

a clasp, buckle, or brooch, especially one worn for ornament.
the setting of a precious stone.
verb (used with object)
to adorn with or as if with ouches.
an exclamation of sharp sudden pain
noun (archaic)
a brooch or clasp set with gems
the setting of a gem

1837, from Pennsylvania German outch, cry of pain, from German autsch. The Japanese word is itai. Latin used au, hau.


An injury; a hurt: A very serious injury is a ”big” ouch

[1873+; fr the pained interjection ouch fr German, probably Pennsylvania German, autsch, found by 1838]

an Old English word denoting cavities or sockets in which gems were set (Ex. 28:11).


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