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Out the wazoo

adverb phrase


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  • Out the window

    adjective phrase Wrecked and futile; go down the tube, kaput: All our plans are out the window now, so forget it (1939+)

  • Outthink

    [out-thingk] /ˌaʊtˈθɪŋk/ verb (used with object), outthought, outthinking. 1. to excel in ; faster, more accurately, or more perceptively than: outthinking most of her contemporaries in the field of human relations. 2. to get the advantage of (someone) by quick or clever ; outwit: only a split second to outthink his opponent. /ˌaʊtˈθɪŋk/ verb (transitive) […]

  • Outthrow

    [out-throh] /ˌaʊtˈθroʊ/ verb (used with object), outthrew, outthrown, outthrowing. 1. to throw out or extend: His arms were outthrown in greeting. 2. to surpass in throwing; throw farther or more accurately than: He can outthrow any other pitcher in the league.

  • Outthrust

    [verb, adjective out-thruhst; noun out-thruhst] /verb, adjective ˌaʊtˈθrʌst; noun ˈaʊtˌθrʌst/ verb (used with or without object), outthrust, outthrusting. 1. to out or extend. adjective 2. or extended outward: a friendly, outthrust hand. noun 3. something that or extends outward: an outthrust of the building.

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