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[verb out-kraws, -kros; noun out-kraws, -kros] /verb ˌaʊtˈkrɔs, -ˈkrɒs; noun ˈaʊtˌkrɔs, -ˌkrɒs/

verb (used with object)
to (animals or plants) by breeding individuals of different strains but, usually, of the same breed.
to produce (a hybrid) by this method.
a hybrid animal or plant so produced.
an act of outcrossing.
verb (ˌaʊtˈkrɒs)
to breed (animals or plants of the same breed but different strains)
noun (ˈaʊtˌkrɒs)
an animal or plant produced as a result of outcrossing
an act of outcrossing


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