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[out-groh] /ˌaʊtˈgroʊ/

verb (used with object), outgrew, outgrown, outgrowing.
to too large for:
to outgrow one’s clothes.
to leave behind or lose in the changes incident to development or the passage of time:
She outgrew her fear of the dark.
to surpass in :
watching one child outgrow another.
verb (used without object), outgrew, outgrown, outgrowing.
Archaic. to grow out; burst forth; protrude.
verb (transitive) -grows, -growing, -grew, -grown
to grow too large for (clothes, shoes, etc)
to lose (a habit, idea, reputation, etc) in the course of development or time
to grow larger or faster than

1590s, “to surpass in growth,” from out + grow (v.). Meaning “to become too large or too mature for” is attested from 1660s. Related: Outgrowing; outgrown.


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