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[out-loo k] /ˈaʊtˌlʊk/

the view or prospect from a particular place.
mental attitude or view; point of view:
one’s outlook on life.
prospect of the future:
the political outlook.
the place from which an observer out; lookout.
the act or state of out.
a watch kept; vigilance; lookout:
a careful outlook to prevent forest fires.
a mental attitude or point of view
the probable or expected condition or outcome of something: the weather outlook
the view from a place
view or prospect
the act or state of looking out

“mental view or survey,” 1742, from out (adv.) + look (v.). The meaning “prospect for the future” is attested from 1851. Earliest sense was “a look-out” (1660s). The literal sense of “vigilant watch, act or practice of looking out” (1815) is rare; look-out being used instead for this.


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