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[out-spoh-kuh n] /ˈaʊtˈspoʊ kən/

uttered or expressed with frankness or without reserve:
outspoken criticism.
free or unreserved in speech.
past participle of .
[out-speek] /ˌaʊtˈspik/
verb (used with object), outspoke, outspoken, outspeaking.
to outdo or excel in .
to utter frankly or boldly:
to outspeak one’s grievances.
verb (used without object), outspoke, outspoken, outspeaking.
to :
to outspeak in defense of one’s beliefs.
candid or bold in speech
said or expressed with candour or boldness

“given to speaking freely,” 1808, originally Scottish, from out (adv.) + spoken. “The pa. pple. has here a resultant force, as in ‘well spoken’, ‘well read’.” [OED]. Related: Outspokenly; outspokenness.


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