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[out-wair] /ˌaʊtˈwɛər/

verb (used with object), outwore, outworn, outwearing.
to or last longer than; outlast:
a well-made product that outwears its competition.
to exhaust in strength or endurance:
The daily toil had soon outworn him.
to outlive or outgrow:
Perhaps he will outwear those eccentricities.
to out; destroy by :
A child outwears clothes quickly.
to pass (time):
trying to outwear the hours by reading.
verb (transitive) -wears, -wearing, -wore, -worn
to use up or destroy by wearing
to last or wear longer than
to outlive, outgrow, or develop beyond
to deplete or exhaust in strength, determination, etc


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