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ovariocele o·var·i·o·cele (ō-vâr’ē-ə-sēl’)
A hernia of an ovary.


Read Also:

  • Ovariocentesis

    ovariocentesis o·var·i·o·cen·te·sis (ō-vâr’ē-ō-sěn-tē’sĭs) n. Puncture of an ovary or an ovarian cyst.

  • Ovariocyesis

    ovariocyesis o·var·i·o·cy·e·sis (ō-vâr’ē-ō-sī-ē’sĭs) n. See ovarian pregnancy.

  • Ovariohysterectomy

    ovariohysterectomy o·var·i·o·hys·ter·ec·to·my (ō-vâr’ē-ō-hĭs’tə-rěk’tə-mē) n. The surgical removal of one or both ovaries and the uterus. Also called oophorohysterectomy.

  • Ovariole

    [oh-vair-ee-ohl] /oʊˈvɛər iˌoʊl/ noun, Entomology. 1. any of several tubules that compose an insect ovary.

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