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[oh-vey-shuh n] /oʊˈveɪ ʃən/

an enthusiastic public reception of a person, marked especially by loud and prolonged applause.
Roman History. the ceremonial entrance into Rome of a commander whose victories were of a lesser degree of importance than that for which a triumph was accorded.
Compare (def 4).
an enthusiastic reception, esp one of prolonged applause: a standing ovation
a victory procession less glorious than a triumph awarded to a Roman general

1530s, in the Roman historical sense, from Middle French ovation or directly from Latin ovationem (nominative ovatio) “a triumph, rejoicing,” noun of action from past participle stem of ovare “exult, rejoice, triumph,” probably imitative of a shout (cf. Greek euazein “to utter cries of joy”). In Roman history, a lesser triumph, granted to a commander for achievements insufficient to entitle him to a triumph proper. Figurative sense of “burst of enthusiastic applause from a crowd” is first attested 1831.


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