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[kuhl-tuh-vey-shuh n] /ˌkʌl təˈveɪ ʃən/

the act or art of .
the state of being .
culture; refinement.

development, esp through education, training, etc
culture or sophistication, esp social refinement

c.1700, of knowledge, etc., a figurative use, from French cultivation (16c.), noun of action from cultiver, from Latin cultivare “to till” (see cultivate). Meaning “raising of a plant or crop” is from 1719; literal sense of “tilling of the land” is from 1725.

cultivation cul·ti·va·tion (kŭl’tə-vā’shən)
The process of promoting the growth of a biological culture.
cul’ti·vate’ v.


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