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[dram-uh-tahyz, drah-muh-] /ˈdræm əˌtaɪz, ˈdrɑ mə-/

verb (used with object), dramatized, dramatizing.
to put into a form suitable for acting on a stage.
to express or represent vividly, emotionally, or strikingly:
He dramatizes his woes with sobs and sighs.
verb (used without object), dramatized, dramatizing.
to express oneself in a or exaggerated way.
(transitive) to put into dramatic form
to express or represent (something) in a dramatic or exaggerated way: he dramatizes his illness

1780s, “to adopt for the stage,” see drama (Greek stem dramat-) + -ize. Meaning “to act out” is from 1823. Related: Dramatized; dramatizing.


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