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[oh-ver-doo] /ˌoʊ vərˈdu/

verb (used with object), overdid, overdone, overdoing.
to do to excess; overindulge in:
to overdo dieting.
to carry to excess or beyond the proper limit:
He puts on so much charm that he overdoes it.
to overact (a part); exaggerate.
to overtax the strength of; fatigue; exhaust.
to cook too much or too long; overcook:
Don’t overdo the hamburgers.
verb (used without object), overdid, overdone, overdoing.
to do too much; go to an extreme:
Exercise is good but you mustn’t overdo.
verb (transitive) -does, -doing, -did, -done
to take or carry too far; do to excess
to exaggerate, overelaborate, or overplay
to cook or bake too long
overdo it, overdo things, to overtax one’s strength, capacity, etc

Old English oferdon “to do too much,” from ofer (see over) + don (see do (v.)). Common Germanic (cf. Old High German ubartuan). Meaning “to overtax, exhaust” (especially in phrase to overdo it) is attested from 1817. Of food, “to cook too long,” first recorded 1680s (in past participle adjective overdone).


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