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[adjective oh-ver-i-lab-er-it; verb oh-ver-i-lab-uh-reyt] /adjective ˈoʊ vər ɪˈlæb ər ɪt; verb ˌoʊ vər ɪˈlæb əˌreɪt/

excessively or fussily , ornate, detailed, etc.
verb (used with object), overelaborated, overelaborating.
to render or present with excessive or fussy detail:
He so overelaborates his jokes that they lose their humor.
verb (used without object), overelaborated, overelaborating.
to add excessive details, as in writing or speaking:
He overelaborates to an extent that his novels must be cut radically before being published.
adjective (ˌəʊvərɪˈlæbərɪt)
excessively ornate, detailed, or complex
verb (ˌəʊvərɪˈlæbəˌreɪt)
(transitive) to detail or develop (an idea, plan, etc) excessively


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