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[oh-ver-hand] /ˈoʊ vərˌhænd/

thrown or performed with the raised over the shoulder; overarm:
overhand stroke.
with the and part or all of the arm raised above the shoulder:
to pitch overhand.
(in sewing and embroidery) with close, shallow stitches over two edges.
adverb, Also, overhanded
with the over the object:
to grasp one’s fork overhand.
an overhand stroke, throw, or delivery.
verb (used with object)
to sew overhand.
thrown or performed with the hand raised above the shoulder
sewn with thread passing over two edges in one direction
with the hand above the shoulder; overarm
with shallow stitches passing over two edges
to sew (two edges) overhand

1570s, “upside down,” from over- + hand. Sense in tennis, etc., in reference to hand position above that which is gripped, is first recorded 1861. As an adjective, of throws, strokes, or bowls, “done with the hand raised above the shoulder,” it is first recorded 1828 (in cricket).


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