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[hyoo-muh n or, often, yoo‐] /ˈhyu mən or, often, ˈyu‐/

of, pertaining to, characteristic of, or having the nature of people:
human frailty.
consisting of people:
the human race.
of or relating to the social aspect of people:
human affairs.
sympathetic; :
a warmly human understanding.
a .
of, characterizing, or relating to man and mankind: human nature
consisting of people: the human race, a human chain
having the attributes of man as opposed to animals, divine beings, or machines: human failings

a human being; person

mid-15c., humain, humaigne, from Old French humain, umain (adj.) “of or belonging to man” (12c.), from Latin humanus “of man, human,” also “humane, philanthropic, kind, gentle, polite; learned, refined, civilized,” probably related to homo (genitive hominis) “man” (see homunculus) and to humus “earth,” on notion of “earthly beings,” as opposed to the gods (cf. Hebrew adam “man,” from adamah “ground”). Cognate with Old Lithuanian zmuo (accusative zmuni) “man, male person.”

As a noun, from 1530s. Its Old English cognate guma (from Proto-Germanic *guman-) survives only in disguise in bridegroom. Related: Humanness. Human rights attested by 1680s; human being by 1690s. Human relations is from 1916; human resources attested by 1907, American English, apparently originally among social Christians and drawn from natural resources.

see: milk of human kindness


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