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[verb oh-ver-shoot; noun oh-ver-shoot] /verb ˌoʊ vərˈʃut; noun ˈoʊ vərˌʃut/

verb (used with object), overshot, overshooting.
to or go over, beyond, or above; miss:
The missile overshot its target.
to pass or go by or beyond (a point, limit, etc.):
to overshoot a stop sign.
to shoot or pour down over:
turbulent water overshooting the top of the dam.
to overreach (oneself or itself); go further than is intended or proper; go too far:
It looked as though his self-confidence had overshot itself.
(of an aircraft or pilot) to fly too far along (a landing strip) in attempting to land.
verb (used without object), overshot, overshooting.
to fly or go beyond.
to shoot over or above a mark.
a shooting beyond a specified point or target:
two overshoots in the missile test series.
the amount of excessive distance in a trajectory or route:
a two-mile overshoot on the artillery range.
verb -shoots, -shooting, -shot
to shoot or go beyond (a mark or target)
to cause (an aircraft) to fly or taxi too far along (a runway) during landing or taking off, or (of an aircraft) to fly or taxi too far along a runway
(transitive) to pass swiftly over or down over, as water over a wheel
an act or instance of overshooting
the extent of such overshooting
a momentary excessive response of an electrical or mechanical system

mid-14c., “to shoot, run, or pass beyond (a point or limit),” over- + shoot (v.). Related: Overshot; overshooting.

overshoot o·ver·shoot (ō’vər-shōōt’)
A change from steady state in response to a sudden change in some factor, as in electric potential or polarity when a cell or tissue is stimulated.


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