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[soh-shuh-lahyz] /ˈsoʊ ʃəˌlaɪz/

verb (used with object), socialized, socializing.
to make ; make fit for life in companionship with others.
to make ; establish or regulate according to the theories of .
Education. to treat as a group activity:
to socialize spelling quizzes.
verb (used without object), socialized, socializing.
to associate or mingle sociably with others:
to socialize with one’s fellow workers.
(intransitive) to behave in a friendly or sociable manner
(transitive) to prepare for life in society
(transitive) (mainly US) to alter or create so as to be in accordance with socialist principles, as by nationalization

1828, “to render social,” from social (adj.). Meaning “to be sociable, to mingle” is recorded from 1895. Meaning “to make socialistic” is from 1846. Related: Socialized; socializing. The phrasing in socialized medicine is by 1912.


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