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[oh-vuh-poz-it, oh-vuh-poz-] /ˌoʊ vəˈpɒz ɪt, ˈoʊ vəˌpɒz-/

verb (used without object)
to deposit or lay eggs, especially by means of an .
(intransitive) (of insects and fishes) to deposit eggs through an ovipositor


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  • Ovipositor

    [oh-vuh-poz-i-ter] /ˌoʊ vəˈpɒz ɪ tər/ noun 1. (in certain female insects) an organ at the end of the abdomen, by which eggs are deposited. 2. a similar organ in other animals, as certain fishes. /ˌəʊvɪˈpɒzɪtə/ noun 1. the egg-laying organ of most female insects, consisting of a pair of specialized appendages at the end of […]

  • Ovisac

    [oh-vuh-sak] /ˈoʊ vəˌsæk/ noun, Zoology. 1. a or capsule containing an ovum or ova. /ˈəʊvɪˌsæk/ noun 1. a capsule or sac, such as an ootheca, in which egg cells are produced ovisac o·vi·sac (ō’vĭ-sāk’) n. An egg-containing capsule, such as a Graafian follicle.

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    [oh-vee] /ˈoʊˈvi/ noun, Linguistics. 1. a type of language that has direct objects preceding the verb and that tends to have typological traits such as postpositions, suffixes, noun modifiers preceding nouns, adverbs preceding verbs, and auxiliary verbs following main verbs.

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    1. variant of : ovolactovegetarian. [ahb oh-woh; English ab oh-voh] /ɑb ˈoʊ woʊ; English æb ˈoʊ voʊ/ adverb, Latin. 1. from the beginning. /æb ˈəʊvəʊ/ uknown 1. from the beginning combining form 1. a variant of ovi-

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